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Employers and Employees must be #COVID-19 health and safety compliant under level 4 of the #lockdown

Since the nationwide lockdown was implemented and subsequently extended, South African Employers and Employees, save for those categorized as Essential Services, have been unable to attend at their workplaces to continue trading and rendering services. After approximately 6 weeks, the South African Government commenced implementing a gradual uplifting of the lockdown known as level 4 […]

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#CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) has landed in SA – What are Employers’ obligations and Employees’ rights during this public health emergency?

A contagious disease known as Coronavirus or COVID-19 (“the Virus”) was first detected in China in December 2019 and has since regrettably spread worldwide. The World Health Organization (“the WHO”) has declared the virus as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (“PHEIC”) which is a formal declaration by the WHO of “an extraordinary event which is determined […]

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HIV Positive Employees and Prospective Employees

South Africans who are positively diagnosed with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) have long been discriminated against in various spheres of life. In particular, HIV positive South Africans find it incredibly difficult to secure gainful employment due to Employers being reluctant to hire them for various reasons, inclusive but not limited to, the fear that HIV […]

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Labour law false allegations

The Racism Card at Work – Can Falsely Accusing Someone of Racism Warrant Dismissal?

Introduction South Africa has been plagued by decades of racism that has not been significantly addressed since our new constitutional dispensation post 1994. As such, tensions have remained high, rightly so, in situations where racism has been alleged. Unfortunately, there have also been situations where false allegations of racism have been used. Most recently in […]

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mental health

Mental health in the work place – the Jansen case

Introduction Whilst society in general is moving towards being more open regarding mental health, this is not always the case in the work place. There are many Employees who may suffer from mental illnesses but due to intangible symptoms, are not easily recognized. Once this condition does become known to the Employer, they must appreciate […]

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