Megan van Eeden

wow…what to say??
Having been through an emotiuonal rollercoaster with work related issues, I turned to Helena and her team at SchoemanLaw Inc- not only did she provided me with sound advise, the service received was next to none.

I felt like I was working with a sympathetic and empathetic family member. Helena and the team where there for me through every step. Day and night- it was never too early ot too late for the to give me help and advise or just an ear to listen.

I would highly recommened SchoemanLaw Inc to anyone who finds themself in labour related issues at their employment.
I have referred friends and family and would refer anyone in a similar situation in a blink of an eye to contact SchoemanLaw for their expertise in legal advise.

Thank you SchoemanLaw Inc, Helena and Petrus for all your help guidance and support. Thank you for helping me get through an incredibly stressful situation.

kindest and most sincere regards,
Megan van Eeden

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