The importance of having a will

Schoeman Attorney eagerly encourages people to draft, execute and update their wills with effective estate planning strategies regularly.

As a law firm we take part in the annual National Wills week and strongly recommend drafting and executing a valid will when having an antenuptial contract drawn-up or simply when personal needs or circumstances change.0531

Therefore, in an initiative to create more awareness about the importance of having a will and keeping it up to date, Ms Schoeman was interviewed for an article in Real Simple Magazine. This article, “Your final to-do list” has been published in the March 2009 issue of the magazine (from page 95 onwards) and contains vital information regarding the necessity of having a properly drafted (legally valid) will, and is effectively illustrated by means of practical examples.

Accordingly, we encourage people to purchase the March 2009 issue of Real Simple Magazine and believe that it will provide (at the very least) some food for thought, guidance and practical solutions.

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