The relaxation of South African visa regulations

visaCabinet has decided to keep the existing Immigration legislation in place and will amend certain procedures to facilitate the implementation thereof.

Some of the practical implications include:

  1. The requirement for travellers to apply for visas in person will be relaxed in certain countries. This would entail that in countries were South Africa does not have mission, applications will be able to acceptable by post. Moreover, certain accredited tourism firms would be allowed to accept visa application on behalf of their clients and forward these applications to South African authorities.
  2. Only travelling with children out of South Africa will still require the birth certificates and a parental consent affidavit. Travellers coming from visa-exempt countries will no longer require an unabridged birth certificate and the parental consent affidavits will soon also be lifted. Travellers are however still encouraged to keep documents for proof of relationship and consent of the absent parents as home affairs officials can still request these documents in cases where there are suspicion.

Together with abovementioned the Department of Home affairs have both a short and long term mandate to ensure that compliance is not only possible in all countries, but also to reduce the negative impact the regulations has on the tourism industry.

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