Zoning regulations for businesses run in residential areas

business_plan_1600_clrIf you are contemplating setting up a business in a residential area or from your home, you will need to understand all the relevant regulations regarding the zoning of your property to ensure that you are complying with the bylaws of your council. Unless you’ve taken the time to thoroughly investigate your city zoning regulations, you’re leaving yourself open to the business being shut down before it even sees the light of day, or worse, shut down when you’re already in business.

Many people in South Africa run a business quietly and successfully from their homes with no fear of overstepping the bylaws of their relevant councils.  However, while your business might cause little or no disturbance, there are businesses that can be disruptive and a nuisance to other residents in the neighbourhood.  These factors will always need to be taken into account when starting your business.

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